ONOFF Lady Fairway Wood

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Introducing ONOFF 2019 Lady Fairway Arms ( Fairway Wood ).

Reduce the face thickness to the limit and expand the rebound area. High maraging cup face that brings distance up and kindness

By reducing the thickness of the face to the strength limit, the high maraging cup face with improved resilience performance achieves the initial speed up and the distance up of the ball. Furthermore, since the cup face structure can expand the repulsive area, it reduces flight distance down even if the miss shot has missed the core.

The center of gravity of the head is optimized for the female golfer's swing by placing the weight on the heel while thickening the sole and aiming to lower the center of gravity so that the ball can be easily raised. Low center of gravity, large center of gravity angle and deep center of gravity depth make it easy for the ball to go up, making it difficult to slice, and it is a fairway wood that gives female golfers an increased distance with strong ballistics.

By making the hyper maraging cup face into a "Wide Hyper Effect Face" with a 3-step face thick design with an H-shaped rib structure, the flying distance is raised by further increasing the repulsive force. In addition, the cup face structure greatly expands the repulsive area and provides a stable, great flight distance to female golfers who tend to have unstable hitting points.


*** Senior-Ladies Flex Irons, Hybrids, and Woods are 0.5" Longer than standard Lady Flex ***


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