Fujimoto Golf Wedge FT-1 Satin Wedge

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Fujimoto FT-1 TW Wedges

Fujimoto Forged Blade Ash Cooled to Perfection

Fujimoto Golf has worked with numerous Japanese tour players to establish the new MB design in its most sophisticated modern / classic silhouette. With countless R&D and prototype making, the club is refined to meet the highest expectation on tour for the ultimate performance and feel. Each head is crafted with care by the hands of the Fujimoto family, including our signature 72 hour super slow cooling (annealing) that creates the distinct "Fujimoto Feel" we are renowned for.


Conforming to R&A Rules of Golf

Base Material / 元素材 Production / 生産地 Production Method / 製造法 Heat treat / 熱処理

Finish / 表面加工

Japanese S20C Carbon Steel / 国産S20C軟鉄
Made in Japan / 日本製
Precision Forged / 精密鍛造
72h Super Slow Annealing / 72時間焼き鈍し
Nickel Underlay Deep Satin Chrome / ニッケルディープサテンクロム



Fujimoto Golf Wedge FT-1 Satin Wedge - ROC GOLF
Fujimoto Golf Wedge FT-1 Satin Wedge - ROC GOLF
Fujimoto Golf Wedge FT-1 Satin Wedge - ROC GOLF

The Fujimoto Feel

Each and every head in the FT line, are re-heated once again after the forging and rested in a tempered straw ash for 72 hours.

Stage 1

Fresh Forged

The forging stress and fast cooling from the forging process cause the micro metal structure (grains) to be distorted.

Stage 2


At our factory, we place the heated heads inside a container filled with natural straw ash. This is a traditional blacksmith technique used for generations among the Japanese blacksmiths.

Stage 3


After a long 3-day cooling process, all the metal structure within the head is re-structured evenly, creating the premium feel.

The history of Fujimoto Gikoh date back to the 1960s, during the post WW2 era. During this time, the people of Japan started to become more familiar with the Western culture and customs. The founder, Minobu Fujimoto began to notice other blacksmiths in the Ichikawa town talking about making forged irons heads again as it was banned during the war period.