Putter Fitting

Using Quintic Ball Roll Analysis


Capto Putting Technology

The Fitting Process

The Result

The aim of a putter fitting is to tighten the numbers and produce a better, more consistent putting stroke.

Decreasing the variables is going to increase your confidence on the greens and ultimately you will hole more putts.

The chances of the putter that you picked up off the shelf in a big box store working correctly for you is extremely slim.

So before you invest in your next putter make sure you go through a thorough fitting process.


Just a quick note to let you know that the putter Chris fit me for is an absolute magic wand. I'm easily a couple of shots a round better than before I got it, and to think that I never would have picked that setup from a rack

Damian O'Brien

Who knew there was so much science behind putting. Chris explained all the different aspects involved in making a putt with ease and guided me through the fitting going through all the available options to find the best combination for my putting stroke. Very happy with the experience and will be back for other clubs in the future

Chris Murray