Artisan Golf LLC was founded in 2017 by its two founders Mike Taylor and John Hatfield. Both Taylor and Hatfield have spent the past 32 years working in the golf industry for various OEM's. Mike and John's handcrafted irons, wedges, and putters have found themselves in countless major winning bags across the world. 


Mike Taylor

In late 2016, Nike announced it was shuttering its hard-goods business. It cleaned out the Fort Worth–based R&D building where Taylor and colleagues worked for more than a decade. The Swoosh was walking away from the equipment industry. Taylor was floored. He briefly considered walking away, too; he could spend more time fishing. But a group of colleagues convinced him to start Artisan, a fitting name given the nature of his life’s work.

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“Mikey T. is the best. He trained with Hogan. He’s been through it. And he’s got such a unique ability to grind…. He’s a master craftsman. He really is… Our rapport has been fantastic.”