OnOff Men Fairway Wood 20 Kuro

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Introducing the NEW ONOFF Kuro Fairway Arms ( Fairway Wood ).

The new Power Trench (groove) for KURO, in both the sole and the crown, brings new distance performance and forgiveness by improving the flex and recovery of the head at impact. Increased repulsion equals higher ball speeds and a larger sweet spot equals more forgiveness and less distance lost on miss-hits.  More distance, more stability, and more consistency equal better golf.

The New 2019 Kuro Fairway Arms has "Smooth Pod Sole" which reduces the sole resistance, suppresses the head speed down, and improves the flight distance and direction stability by the unevenness on the leading edge side of the sole surface.

R3 ( 15* ) - A semi-automatic club focused on maximum distance while still providing playability, rivals even a driver off the tee. The super titanium Spoon.

W4 ( 16* ) - A Buffy that flies like a Spoon. The balance between distance ad control. While putting an emphasis on ease of use, it also has semi-automatic playability.

W5 ( 18* ) and W7 ( 21* ) - The 5 and 7 wood are designed to produce easy launch, stable spin, and a focus on control and direction without sacrificing distance. These semi-manual fairway woods can also be used from the rough for recovery shots.

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