OnOff Driver 20 Kuro

  • £689.99
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Introducing the NEW ONOFF Kuro Driver.

The new Power Trench (groove) for KURO, in both the sole and the crown, brings new distance performance and forgiveness by improving the flex and recovery of the head at impact. Increased repulsion equals higher ball speeds and a larger sweet spot equals more forgiveness and less distance lost on miss-hits.  More distance, more stability, and more consistency equal better golf.

The New 2019 Kuro Driver has the entire face lase milled to stabilize spin performance. Laser milled face suppresses spin variation caused by miss-hits or wet conditions such as rain.

The Kuro Driver is a driver with a center of gravity that would provide optimal spin, be easy to create a powerful trajectory yet suppress the tendency to close the face too quickly. We also focused on the body's rigidity, to improve ease of use and repulsion efficiency, flight stability and better accuracy thanks to a more stable head position at impact.

This new driver has 3 weight screws to control the trajectory, you can control the trajectory by adjusting the weight screws on the sole.


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