ONOFF AKA Driver 2020

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Introducing ONOFF AKA Driver 2020 - The "ONOFF AKA" or "RED" series is designed and developed with a focus on "flying", "gentleness" and "design" with the concept of "flying in an automatic gentle club".

Everything is born from the full core design of the core.


OTCS Sleeve

Adjust the loft angle and lie angle for an optimal trajectory to fly more. You can tune up the loft, lie angle, and face angle by adding or subtracting the following numbers to the standard specification specifications.

Weight Screw

Control weight and grip by changing weight screw. Adjusting the weight screw on the sole adjusts the balance, controls the ease of swing and improves the distance and gentleness. 

Adjust the center of gravity of the heel to control the draw trajectory. Increase the flight distance with a draw trajectory tailored to the needs of golfers.

The balance can be adjusted by changing the weight screw. The standard specification has a 7g weight.

Power Trench

Original trench that pushes the ball by flexing and restoring, further increasing the flying distance, changing the entire face to a high initial velocity area, and reducing the flying distance loss due to off-center hits, achieving a more flying than ever before (Groove) structure evolved and optimized for the red driver. In addition, the face rebound value design provided by the unique face structure is set at the limit of the rule, realizing a head that provides the maximum initial speed in the history of red drivers.


Lightweight carbon is used for the crown and replaceable weight screws are placed on the sole. In addition, the surplus weight is created by integrating the face and body into one structure, and by redistributing this weight, a deep center of gravity depth and a large center of gravity angle are realized. The ball is more automatically grabbed, making the driver easier and more capable of flying in strong trajectories.

ONOFF AKA Driver 2020 - ROC GOLF
ONOFF AKA Driver 2020 - ROC GOLF
ONOFF AKA Driver 2020 - ROC GOLF
ONOFF AKA Driver 2020 - ROC GOLF
ONOFF AKA Driver 2020 - ROC GOLF
ONOFF AKA Driver 2020 - ROC GOLF