ONOFF AKA Irons 2020 (Steel)

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ONOFF AKA Irons 2020 (Steel)
ONOFF AKA Irons 2020 (Steel)
ONOFF AKA Irons 2020 (Steel)
ONOFF AKA Irons 2020 (Steel)
ONOFF AKA Irons 2020 (Steel)

Introducing ONOFF AKA Irons 2020.


Direct Repulsion Face

Evolution of flying and gentleness. Onoff's original flying technology. Direct repulsion face only for iron.

Bending with the face centre as the maximum deflection position, the repulsive force at the actual hit point decreases. By moving the maximum deflection of the face to the vicinity of the normal hitting point , the repulsive force of the actual hitting point was improved.

Onoff's unique new iron-only face structure that continues to pursue flying irons. The face is set to two levels of thickness, and the advanced power trench that improves the deflection of the lower part of the face and the L cup face structure greatly improve the repulsion force of the actual hitting point. Push the ball harder than ever, and achieve a further distance. In particular, the loss of flight distance is reduced by off-centre hits that are likely to be top. In addition, the toe-heel part has three grooves = full core grooves to expand the high initial speed area to the left and right. Realised an iron that flies even if you make a mistake.


Gravity control for automatic flight and gentleness = Head structure with optimal centre of gravity design

By increasing the weight of the tungsten weight and arranging it all over the sole so that the ball easily rises and the loss of flight distance on miss hits is reduced, a deeper and lower centre of gravity is achieved. With a high launch, we have realised an iron that can catch the ball and fly gently.

By milling the entire face, variation in the amount of spin due to hitting blur and water drops in rainy weather is suppressed and spin performance is stabilised, producing a stable and large flight distance.

A flying iron that combines functionality and feel is realised by using an orthodox head shape that is easy to hold with peace of mind, rather than a head shape that priorities functionality that makes you feel uncomfortable when you hold it. A high-performance iron with an ancestor flying type that has a head shape that evokes a gentle, enveloping ball and has a fluttering hitting sound and a mild hitting feeling.



Great day at the first @ClandeboyeGC rory blue tee Friday. Course in unbelievable condition. Big thanks to Robert at @rocgolfni for my beautiful Miura irons built to spec

Jonathan Caldwell (European Tour)

Thanks to Robert for sorting me out with a new Tour Edge driver. Haven't looked back since and have had my handicap reduced by 5 shots. Brilliant service and advice.

Derek Gallagher

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