ONOFF AKA Fairway Wood 2020

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Introducing ONOFF AKA Fairway Arms 2020.



Evolution of flying and gentleness. A power face dedicated to the Red Fairway Wood Arms, plus a cup face that brings the maximum initial speed. Power Trench is strong against off center hits. Delivers and restores to push the ball out, further increase the flight distance, change the entire face area to a high initial velocity area, and reduce flight distance loss due to off-center hits. (Groove) structure evolved and optimized for Red Fairway Wood Arms. In addition, the cup face with a unique face structure enhances the face repulsion value and realizes the head that brings the maximum initial velocity.

In addition to the face-side trench, two to the back side direction added. It improves the deflection efficiency of the face and realizes a further increase in flight distance.

Crown trench length increased by 15% in the toe-heel direction.

A face that uses a cup face that enhances repulsion and it has a unique back structure that maximizes maximum initial velocity and increases flight distance.


Onoff's unique twin-cut sole provides flight distance and directionality. Onoff's original twin-cut sole with a concave shape from the leading edge to the center. A fairway wood that resists head hits and reduces flight speed and directional stability are achieved by making the sole shape easy to pull out.


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