ONOFF Lady Driver

  • £656.99
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Introducing ONOFF 2019 Lady Driver.

A mature and sophisticated design with an attractive purple theme and two-tone finish. A new and evolved Power Wave in the sole creates larger sweet spots and increased ball speeds for even more distance than ever. designed to pursue a flight distance performance beyond the previous model so that even a weak female golfer can increase the flight distance, the face is more greatly flexed and restored to fly and gentleness. It has evolved.

By gradually increasing the thickness of the sole while moving from the toe towards the heel, the center of gravity is optimized for the swing of lady golfers. The larger gravity angle and deeper center of gravity minimize slices and make it easier to produce high trajectory drives increasing overall distance for ladies.

A face structure with the face thickness subdivided from the previous model to increase the repulsive force and the repulsive area

*** Senior-Ladies Flex Irons, Hybrids, and Woods are 0.5" Longer than standard Lady Flex ***


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