OnOff 20 Kuro Forged (Graphite)

  • £1,254.99
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Introducing the NEW ONOFF Kuro Forged Iron.

A thick straight top blade. Easy to set up, easy to swing through, easy to match lines, sharp but gentle head design designed with professional advice, adopting a unique hollow structure, unprecedented high demanded by professionals A forged iron that can aim at the pin by trajectory and flight.

With laser milling and machine processing of the Forged Iron Kuro, spin performance is stabilized by suppressing spin variation caused by miss-hits or wet conditions such as rain. This is especially beneficial for iron because it needs to make shots in various lies and situations including rough and wet lies. More stable and consistent spin equals more consistent distance and direction.

Moment of inertia with a face center of gravity design that makes the toe part of the sole a tungsten alloy from No. 4 to No. 7 and a toe part of the sole from No. 8 to No. 9 thick, and the sweet spot matches the face center as much as possible Realizes the head, improves impact efficiency, and realizes iron that is strong against flying distance and miss-hits. In addition, the design of the center of gravity of the face center makes the iron close to a wood-like swing that reduces the opening and closing of the face, creating an iron that simplifies the swing and makes golf easier.




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