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The ICL-601 Driving Iron (Inner Cavity Long Iron) is part of Miura's MG Collection. Combining SUS casting with a premium 455 carpenter steel face this iron blends seamlessly with any set of Miura irons.


The inner cavity design is not new to Miura. Is was first used with their hugely popular IC 2003. (IC 6001 in Japan). Modern technological advances have allowed the Miura?s to improve on the original but optimising ball speed and performance. This is accomplished by integrating a face of 455 Carpenter Steel (as found in our PP 9005 G) and use of the Hayate variable weighting system which allows for customization by your Miura dealer. With the standard 8gm weight included, the head weight of the 23? is exactly what a standard 4 iron would be. This allows for the club to be assembled with the same shaft in the rest of your set or to be fit with the optimum performing shaft regardless of the weight of the shaft. The inner cavity of the head allows for a wider sole and ability to enhance the low center of gravity.The way the club head sits at address, thanks in large part to the shape of the sole, will give the golfer confidence not usually found when hitting a long iron. With a larger sweet spot comes more forgiveness the ICL 601 will benefit golfers of all skill levels.Like other forged irons, the lie and loft angles can be adjusted which enables the ICL to seamlessly fit in to any set of Miura irons.

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