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The CB-57 Iron features a medium-sized cavity and an expertly-measured weight bar, designed to optimize CG location and increase the clubs perimeter weighting.

1957 CAVITY BACK “CB-57”

The CB-57 head features a medium-sized cavity and a carefully sized weight bar to provide the benefits of perimeter weighting and solidity behind the hitting area.   The weight bar keeps the center of gravity low, and changes size club-to-club as needed to position the center of gravity to its optimal position per club.  The clean, narrow top line is Miura all the way, and the cavity design is masked as to not interfere with the forged look and feel.

The sole of the club incorporates the decades of lessons Miura has learned from watching and talking to golfers, resulting in efficient, efficient turf interaction and the best chance of a square face at impact. The overall size of the head is a similar to the MB-001, but rest assured the Cavity Back design is packed with forgiveness.




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