Honma TR21 Fairway Wood

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This premium TR21 fairway has been crafted by experts in Sakata Japan, to deliver speed and control.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Round Thin Face
  • Variable Thickness Design
  • Adjustable Sole Weights
  • 12 Months Warranty / Vizard Graphite Shaft

Fast Initial Velocity

The variable thickness design and ultra-thin round face has been constructed to offer more distance performance. It produces fast initial velocity at ball impact to deiver unprecedented yards of distance.

Optimised Weighting

The fairway has an internal weight to optimise the CG position for greater performance, with 2 tungsten sole weights which can be adjusted to change trajectory or spin.

Award Winning Shaft

The fairway is fitted with the Honma VIZARD shaft, designed by master craftsmen in Sakata Japan using a time-proven hand-rolled prototyping process. perfectly aligned at six o `clock to stabilize any movement for better consistensy when loading onto the shaft.

Non-Rotating Hosel System

The clubs lie, loft and face angles can be altered without rotating the orentation of the precise spined shaft. Delivering a more consistent stroke time after time.

The Honma fairway wood comes complete with a matching head cover.

Honma TR21 Fairway Wood
Honma TR21 Fairway Wood
Honma TR21 Fairway Wood
Honma TR21 Fairway Wood
Honma TR21 Fairway Wood