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Milled from 303 stainless steel, The ER7 features prominent center sightlines and a symmetrical distribution of weight which flows gracefully from heel to toe. The connection with the alignment section by way of three milled parallel steps is meant to give a sense of motion towards the target.

• CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
• Head Material – 303 stainless steel
• Color – Silver satin finish
• Face Loft – 2 degrees from the shaft
• Lie Angle – 70 degrees
• Length – Measured from center of leading edge to butt
• Balance – 23 degrees toe down
• Shaft – FST stepless, .370” tip
• Shafting – Single bend mounted directly into the head

Please note - All 2018 Evnroll putters do not come with a ball marker

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