Fujimoto FT-1 Cavity Back Copper Irons
Fujimoto FT-1 Cavity Back Copper Irons

Fujimoto FT-1 Cavity Back Copper Irons

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Material :  Japanese SS400 Carbon Steel

Production : Made in Japan

Production Method : Forged and CNC Machined

Heat Treat : 72h Super Slow Annealing

Finish : Copper


Worlds finest purity of iron content 99.99%.

The softness of carbon steel depends on the ratio of carbon content. The less carbon infused, the softer the steel becomes. S15C carbon steel in forged golf clubs that contain roughly 13 to 18% of carbon is considered the softest material that can be used. Golf clubs forged out of softer materials such as S10C are not able to sustain their loft and lie angle throughout it’s usage. Fujimoto is dedicated to product innovation and development. Our team is comprised of experts in golf club manufacturing and product designers to stay abreast of the industry of emerging and evolving. Our extensive R&D has resulted in the creation of QUAD NINE. Using the method of layering pure iron, it contains less than 0.01% carbon on a S20C carbon steel base material. With the feedback we received from top Japanese tour players, we preserved the pure iron feel to the finest level by replacing the hard layer of chrome plating with Japanese Black Oxide (Kurozome). Fujimoto’s QUAD NINE purity complies with the Japan Industrial Standard and is also the first in forged golf club history to accomplish the use of this holy grail metal. 99.99% purity ultra pure iron.