Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid

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Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid 

Golf hybrid designs continue to be refined each season with new materials and technologies making them easier to use than ever before and they are now a must have in the golf bags of both amateur and professional golfers. The versatility they offer is unlike any other golf club with hybrids providing great options on tight tee shots, long approach shots and for achieving meaningful distance from iffy lies in the rough. They are now also used extensively around the greens when not much elevation is required on a chip shot. 

Callaway Golf has a rich history of producing excellent hybrid clubs that offer attractive profiles and industry leading performance. Furthermore, Callaway are one of the only major manufacturers to offer their hybrids in several different head designs, allowing golfers to choose the ideal style for their ability and preferences. The new Callaway Rogue ST range consists of four new designs, with every style of golfer covered by their differing features and benefits. 

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid is their ‘standard’ head and will suit the broadest cross section of handicaps. They have the strongest lofts out of the Rogue ST family and provide both top-end ball speed and forgiveness with all-round performance that can only help to improve your golf. Due to the way the internal weighting has been applied in the construction of the Rogue ST Max hybrid; it offers a slight draw bias that will serve to reduce the amount of slice-spin imparted on the ball. When placed behind the ball the Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid has a slightly oversized profile that helps to inspire confidence with a head shape that is more like an iron. Like most hybrids it is an incredibly easy club to get airborne and will provide a high launch with mid spin.  

The Jailbreak technology that revolutionised the construction of their fairway woods has been further enhanced in the Rogue ST Max. The new design has pushed the structure more towards the perimeter which creates more stability and allows the face cup to flex more, creating incredible ball speeds and forgiveness. A new Tungsten Speed cartridge has been added to the head to allow for a precise and forward CG (centre of gravity) location which optimises launch and further increases ball speeds. Artificial Intelligence has once again been used to optimise the design of the SS22 Flash Face and this superb process has allowed Callaway to construct the ideal face for each model and loft of club. The soleplate of the Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid has been redesigned to enhance turf interaction from a multitude of different lies. 

Whether you are thinking of buying hybrids for the first time, or you are looking to upgrade existing ones, the Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid should be right at the top of your list. Available from a 3-Hybrid (18°) all the way to a 6-hybrid (26°), whatever you need it for Callaway have got you covered.  


  • Slight Draw Bias 
  • Iron-Like Head Shape 
  • Confidence Inspiring Oversized Profile 
  • A.I. Designed Flash Face Produces Explosive Ball Speeds 
  • Extremely Forgiving 


 Club  Loft  Lie  Length (inches)  Swing Weight  Available Dexterities
3 hybrid 18° 58° 40.5 D2 RH/LH
4 hybrid 20° 58.5° 40 D2 RH/LH
5 hybrid 23° 59° 39.5 D2 RH/LH
6 hybrid 26° 59.5° 39 D2 RH Only


Standard Grips

Image Grip Available Sizes
Callaway Universal Standard
Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid - ROC GOLF
Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid - ROC GOLF
Callaway Rogue ST MAX Hybrid - ROC GOLF