Miura has been making the world’s finest forged golf clubs since 1957. Designed and constructed by master craftsman Katsuhiro Miura, each club is individually made using Miura’s patented forging process. To this day, Miura-san continues to work in the factory with his sons, Shinei and Yoshitaka, who proudly carry on the Miura legacy.



Miura uses raw material called S25C, which is also referred to as premium soft carbon steel. This premium steel is delivered to the Miura factory in various girths and lengths from which billets of steel are measured and cut to correspond with the desired weight of the individual models. Achieving the highest tolerances in the industry starts here.




Once prepared to the desired length and thickness, the billets are heated to 1200°C. The first strike compresses the billet into a flat shape which allows the raw material to be placed easily into a die. The proprietary Miura process forges the club head without a hosel attached. This technique allows the Miura craftsmen to manipulate the grain structure and create the renowned Miura look and feel.





Within seconds of the first strike, the heated steel is placed into a second die where the subsequent strike forges the steel into the golf head.






The innovation of the deburring technique is what separates Miura from its competition. Following the second strike, the club head is placed in a tray where it cools before beginning its journey to the next stage. Heating the club head once while delivering the first two strikes significantly improves the precision of the forging process.





During this stage, the club head is reheated to a temperature of 800-900°C. By allowing it to cool and then be reheated, the shape of the head is maintained while still allowing the grain structure to be manipulated. This is an additional and time-consuming step but is responsible for what Miura refers to as W.D.D. Accurate Forged. During this step the weight, distribution, and density of the club head are defined.

In order to reach this stage, the Miura factory has produced three individual sets of dies for each model and loft. Dies alone will not deliver a quality iron—each model needs a precise amount of heat and force. Forging also requires the skill, patience, and experience of a Miura craftsman.